Page 7 - FAA-H-8083-21B Helicopter Flying Handbook
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               The Helicopter Flying Handbook was produced by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) with the assistance of Safety
               Research Corporation of America (SRCA). The FAA wishes to acknowledge the following contributors:
                  Federation of American Scientists ( for rotor system content used in Chapter 5

                  Kaman Aerospace, Helicopters Division for image of Kaman used in Chapter 5
                  Burkhard Domke ( for images of rotor systems (Chapters 1 and 4)
                  New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority for image of safety procedures for approaching a helicopter (Chapter 9)
                  Shawn Coyle of Eagle Eye Solutions, LLC for images and content used in Chapter 10
                  Dr. Pat Veillette for information used on decision-making (Chapter 13)

               Additional appreciation is extended to the Helicopter Association International (HAI), United States Helicopter Safety Team
               (USHST), Leonardo Helicopters, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), and the AOPA Air Safety Foundation
               for their technical support and input.

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