Page 10 - FAA-H-8083-16B Instrument Procedures Handbook
P. 10

Chapter 5
              •	  Updated paragraph “Next Generation Air Transportation (NextGen) System” information about automatic dependent
              surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B).
              •	  Updated paragraph “NextGen Existing Improvements” information about ADS-B.
              •	  Updated description of ADS-B.
              •	  Added a new paragraph, “Synthetic Vision Guidance System (SVGS).”

              •	  Updated references in paragraph, “Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS)” to include AC 90 106, Enhanced Flight
              Vision Systems.
              •	  Changed paragraph “Developing Combined Technology” to “Combined Vision System Technology” and discusses the
              concept of equivalent visual operations (EVO) where flight operations continue irrespective of the actual weather

            Chapter 7
              •	  Updated various paragraphs by changing “Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS)” to “Helicopter Air
              Ambulance (HAA).”

              •	  Clarified in paragraph “Helicopter IFR  Takeoff Minimums” regarding takeoff minimums and acceleration to minimum
              •	  Updated figure 7-7 regarding the visibility for “Class G 1200 feet or less above the surface” changing from “none” to
              “½ SM.”
              •	  Updated paragraph “Approach to a PinS” regarding proceeding VFR in uncontrolled airspace. Deleted figure 7-14
              and references to the figure are deleted; information is already covered elsewhere in the paragraph.
              •	  Reworded paragraph “Approach to a Specific VFR Heliport” indicating that some of the requirements stated in the
              first sub-paragraph apply only to public procedures.

            Appendix B
              •	  Updated “A/FD—Airport/Facility Directory section of the Chart Supplement (CS).”

              •	  Updated “AFMS—Aircraft Flight Manual Supplements.”
              •	  Added “CS—Chart Supplement” and “D-CS—Digital Chart Supplement.” and,
              •	  Added “SVGS – Synthetic Vision Guidance System.”

              •	  Updated “Airport/Facility Directory (A/FD).”
              •	  Added “Chart Supplement (CS or d-CS for digital Chart Supplement).”

              •	  Added “Closely Spaced Dependent Approaches.”
              •	  Added “EFVS operation.”
              •	  Added “Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS).”
              •	  Updated “Positive Course Guidance (PCG).”
              •	  Updated “Standard Terminal Arrival (STAR).”
              •	  Updated “Positive Course Guidance (PCG).”

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